Харон Теннисный клуб является Академия тенниса находится в Белграде, Сербия.

Идея команды Харон, чтобы предложить наиболее полную и наиболее эффективное решение для создания лучших молодых игроков. Мы сформировали команду для ее достижения (как в больших академиях) 4 профессиональных теннисных тренеров, физическое состояние 2 тренера, команда физиотерапевтов и спортивных психологов, но с гораздо большей приверженности, потому что все команда обрабатывает до 4 игроков в профессиональной программе.

Для достижения оптимальной производительности, мы предлагаем глину и твердую поверхность US Open. Кроме того, наше местоположение выгодно отличает нас от конкурентов: большое количество ТОГО и ITF турниров в регионе, отличная связь по всем направлениям воздушного движения в Европе, но за пределами административного района ЕС, который мы раньше гораздо выгоднее, чем любой другой программы в ЕС, в результате чего больше ресурсов для путешествий и турниров и лучшего выбора одного и того же.

Эффективность программы проиллюстрирована игроков, которые прошли:


  • Miomir Kecmanovic в категории 11-13 лет в настоящее время ведет человек в мире
    As a small boy, I enjoyed training tennis with Ivan, as well as attending tournaments. He taught me a lot about tennis, in his calm manner, making no fuss about it. He has always been very supportive; we worked hard, but also had a lot of fun.? He taught me two very important lessons. First, you have to face all your fears if you want to excell: I didn't like to play with a particular boy who was a tricky player and a nasty fellow, at the same time not very well ranked; to lose from him seemed extremely embarrassing and discouraging. Ivan realized that and kept bringing us together to play. I was very upset at the begining and I wanted to cry every time. As we went on playing together, it was getting easier,and as a result I started winning smoothly. Second, he taught me to make difference between a shot and a player. He used to say that it wasn't enough to hit the ball properly, but also to have a plan and to win by playing wisely. Last but not the least, Ivan organised relaxing trips and entertainment for us after tornaments, which used mean a lot to me. Even today I like to pop in to see how the things are and train with Ivan.
  • Ольга Данилович в категории 11-14, молодое первое глобальное будущее
  • Участники Франческа Керми 11-15 Мастера для 8 лучших молодых людей в Европе в категории до 14 лет в 2016 году
    Francesca Curmi born 2002 from Malta (today ranked 305 ITF Juniors) attended Tennis Club Haron for nearly 3 years from the tender age of 12 to late 14. During the period she was trained under the head coach and owner Mr. Ivan Pekovic. Ivan's eye for detail not only enabled Francesca to have polished ground strokes but also thought Francesca how to become an aggressive tennis player. I myself, as a parent have cherished and still cherish both the advice and encouragement Ivan has and still gives me throughout this journey. Tennis is a very hard sport, with many varied success and unsuccessful routes; so, to have genuine expertise along the way is truly appreciated.

    During her stay at Haron, Francesca played various Tennis Europe and local tournaments, Francesca won many tournaments and even was selected to take part in under 14 TE Masters. Ivan knows the tennis journey and what it takes to become a professional tennis player and has always believed in Francesca and it's what kept us going when times got tough, every player goes through tough times, after all it's a long journey so all sort of things happen along the way both bad and good.

    I strongly recommend Tennis Club Haron, it's not only very professional and friendly; but even better its very cost effective when one compares its cost to other European destinations that offer such a service. I love boutique, its small, its personal, it comes with outsourced physical, mental and physiotherapy experts. One of its more important attributes is that it also comes with the strong character of the Serbian people that has no doubt helped Francesca become the strong tennis player she is today.

    Michael Curmi
    Francesca Father 22 Nov 2017

  • Павловик 14- Лука в 2016 году сделал первые СПС очков только с 16 лет.
  • Аня Петкович в финале турнира Smrikwa Bowl и победитель финального турнира чемпионата мира Боул, Испания, 2016.
Luka Pavlovic
Anja Petkovic

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